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Tim Armstrong

band and solo

      We play what the people really want

Tim Armstrong band 


Tim Armstrong band 2015 playing a the ASB arena.



The Tim Armstrong band from the Waikato, appeals to all people because they perform the best songs to suit the crowd they are performing for, great for all audiences of all ages, they are renown for their expertise at private functions like weddings, birthday parties, and conferences, clubs, bars and hotels, Vineyards and festivals.. Tim also plays as a solo musician which enables him to perform at smaller venues. Perfect for any entertainment or cool event!

The top Waikato and Bay Of plenty Wedding band!
The Tim Armstrong band was formed in Hamilton. Its present line up is as follows.
Nigel Sanderson (drums) ex Fury, a 80s rock band he also played drums for top overseas acts, such as John Rowles. He joined in 2008
Don McClumpha (Bass) from various Waikato bands, Fury and Blackjack. He has been with the group since 1991.
And of course Tim Armstrong (guitar/keys/lead vocals) from the Politicians a professional kiwi band (originally from Tokoroa, Waikato, NZ) which released several singles and made numerous television appearances in the 1980s.
In 1986 the original Tim Armstrong band was formed.The group has two resident positions in Auckland (the Forge) and Hamilton nightclubs (Zaks and Roxoff ).
They then went overseas to USA and Europe to perform at various gigs, calling themselves the (Kiwibandits). On returning to New Zealand in 1991 they were offered a gig playing on the ocean liner the Fairstar which they did for six months traveling the high seas of the pacific ocean.
For the past twenty years the Tim Armstrong band,often called TAB have performed at least twice a week to different kinds of audiences all over New Zealand. They were
resident band at vilagrad wines, near Hamilton and Cambridge at xmas time for many years.
Tim also writes and records his own songs and produces his own videos and TV commercials
and has performed on the good morning TV show with his Beatles tribute band and singing his own songs,
he has released 15 solo albums in the past twenty years. In the past few years the band has performed on television several times, twice on the good morning show, playing their own original songs "stormy nights" and "live again" and "Sailor". They are also seen on a television commercial for southern cross building society.
The Abbey road NZ Beatles show is also another opportunity for TAB to perform the music of one of their favorite bands, this show also features Don McClumpha, Nigel Sanderson and very close friend and ex Kiwibandit John Clarke.
The Tim Armstrong band or solo performs often in the Waikato, Hamilton,Bay of plenty ,Tauranga, Piako , Auckland, Coromandle and Taupo, Rotorua areas.............They Specialize at weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties, clubs and bars, school couldn't get a more reliable band for your special occasion.

2012 had been a great year for the band as they performed in San Francisco at the redgate ranch in september of that year.

In 2014 the band performed several gigs with Howie Casey - well known English session saxophonist for many acts...including Paul McCartney and Wings, The Who, to mention just a few. In 2015 and 2016 Tim flew to Europe and performed with original Merseyside band Kingsize Taylor and the Domino's in Hamburg. and also performed with Howie Casey's wings tribute show in England at the royal theatre in Liverpool.

In 2019 The Tim Armstrong band performed to 50 thousand people at the Waikato balloon festival.

Also that year the Tim Armstrong band performed as the special guest band for the NZ Wedding awards.

In 2020 Tim Formed Elton John Tribute show.

We play what the people really want!.​


Tim Armstrong performing with top merseyside group

Kingsize Taylor and the Domino's in Hamburg 2015, these

guys were a huge band in the 1960s music scene.

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